“Manob” is the word that stands for Humanity. We want to break the chain of hunger by providing food to the unfed. At the same time, we want to help people by raising social awareness and environmental awareness.

Manob America welcomes everyone from all sectors and communities. Join us and support us to your heart content. To support us, you can provide us with food, clothes, medical supply, and other necessary supplies depending on your persuasion and our projects.

Manob America’s (MA) ambitions are to create awareness, on social and environmental sectors, as well as maintain an emergency fund for students and common people. With our current financial and supply resources, we can only help a limited number of people. However, our goal is to expand our helping hand in directions worldwide. To do that we need huge support and supply resources.

Supporting means contributing towards one’s goal. The bigger the dream, the larger the support is needed. Manob America (MA) sees the future as a place, where no one will live unfed. No matter who they are, and no matter where they live. Therefore, we need your support to continue our journey towards the future.

You can be our support:
By becoming our member,
By helping us doing the community work,
By becoming our partner,
By donating daily and monthly basis funds and resources,
By promoting us from wherever you are.

Your contributions, no matter how small or large it is, can help us:
To make a smile on the face of a child,
To reach the dreamers and help them,
To save a family,
To preserve the environment,
To help the needy.

So, join us, be a part of MA and give us the reason, to work hard and motivate us to fight for something bigger.

MA accepts sponsors for various social awareness campaigns such as World Food Day, Children’s Day, World Environment Day, and World Labor Day.

Please email info@manobamerica.org for further information.

We thank you sincerely for your contributions.

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