Donate to the Rohingya Relief Fund which will provide urgent ongoing Humanitarian Assistance & Relief to all those affected in Myanmar.

The refugee crisis has seen thousands of injured and wounded crossing the border in need of urgent medical attention. Provide essential health hygiene kits & medicines



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Today, we all know about Rohingya from the media world. Recently, BBC, CNN and other newspapers and news servers have reported about Rohingya’s. It is a big concern for people of all over the world. Saving Rohingya’s will mean to save humanity.

Facts and stats:

In November 2016, a UN reputable accused the authorities of carrying out "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya. It was no longer the first time such an accusation has been made. Most currently, Myanmar's army has imposed a crackdown on the country's Rohingya population after police posts and a military base changed into attacked in late August. Citizens and activists have defined scenes of troops firing indiscriminately at unarmed Rohingya men, women, and kids. The authorities, however, has stated nearly a hundred humans have been killed after armed guys from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation army (ARSA) released a raid on police outposts within the area. Because violence erupted, rights organizations have documented fires burning in as a minimum 10 regions of Myanmar's Rakhine state. More than 500,000 human beings have fled the violence, with hundreds trapped in a no-man's land between the 2 countries, in line with the UN refugee enterprise (UNHCR).

Reports reported that, from 25 August this year till date, about 550,000 Rohingya’s fled from Myanmar’s Rakhine state into Bangladesh. They still are coming. Despite Bangladesh’s own burgeoning population, the government has provided them with shelter on humanitarian grounds. Along with assistance from the UN and other intentional agencies, Bangladesh are letting them to use their own resources to provide them with food, shelter, etc. However, according to Bangladeshi government, the shorter their stay there, the better for the country.

Why should I make a donation?

The Rohingya are often described, according to ‘Aljazeera’, as "the world's most persecuted minority".

Manob America family feels a great pain by watching Rohingya people’s struggles. Rohingya women are being brutally raped, harassed and they have no human rights as a person. Their men are getting killed. Their kids are leading the most dangerous life than anyone can imagine. Their struggles know no bounds.
Therefore, Manob America plans to help these people from our own convictions for humanity. We have already contacted with our volunteers back in Bangladesh, to help the Rohingya’s.

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What we do

⚪ Find shelter for the Rohingya people,
⚪ Provide enough foods and medicine for them,
⚪ Create jobs for them,
⚪ Build a community to protect their human rights,
⚪ Aware common people to help the Rohingya’s as much as they can.