How to help people with mental health breakdowns?

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How to help people with mental health breakdowns?

The news of Covid-19 is the worst news of a century. This virus has affected the lives of every country in our world. Our social-economical progress has been challenged. Nothing is the same as before. People’s lives have been changed and so many lives were lost. We are still losing people because of the virus. According to reports, many people had to shift their homes to different areas because of shut down of businesses and cut off-work hours.

The good news is we are heading towards a world of depression to a world of possibilities ever since we got the vaccines out. According to the experts, we will have to go a long way before things become normal. We will still have to wear masks and safeguard ourselves to make us protected from the virus. It is important to understand that we are facing mental distress because of the situation.

About 100 million Americans suffer from mental health-related diseases, according to data from American Medical Association. Which means we are already dealing with pre-existing mental health problem then came the covid-19. It only broadens the problem further.

Every life is connected to something. Family members, friends, well-wishers each and everyone suffers when they hear the news that someone close to them is gone. With covid-19, it was not just one single person, in many cases a lot of people from the same families, neighborhoods have died. Only people who lost their members can understand how hard it was to deal with things when they lose someone.

Since covid-19 people are dealing with isolation, loss of a family member, loss of income, and social issue related anxiety. These issues are pushing people to depend upon alcohol, drug use, and insomnia. Covid-19 itself can lead people to neurological and mental complications such as delirium, agitation, and stroke. The negative effects are huge and it becomes more unbearable for people who lived moving past the dead. We mourn for all the lives that have been lost but we also need to console each other to go forward.

Now, more than ever we must listen to people. Communicate with each other. Make decisions that can help socially and mentally. Unless we are listening to each other many people would not be able to forget the loss of their family member or friends, which will only burden them more with isolation and worry fully they might take suicide attempts or self-destructions.

These are tips to remember in case you are worried about someone and want to give them a helping hand:

  • You can create a safe and calm environment for them. Make sure that the individual is in a state of peace both emotionally and physically. Take away distractions from people or things.
  • You must listen to them without judging them. A person can only open up to you when they will understand that you are aware of them and approaching them in a non-judgmental manner.
  • Encourage them to take healthy diets and if you think they might take risky attempts help them get professional opinions.
  • Help them make lifestyle changes. Adjusting with a new way of life, sometimes help an individual to distract themselves from the loss of someone important. It also helps them to get back in life with a positive vibe. Sometimes it becomes more stressful to do both. So, just be present for them.

It is our social duty to help someone in need. It is more important to help people get out from mental breakdowns and mental health-related problems. We must be present for each other so that we do not lose someone from our own because of a mental breakdown.

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