Diabetes-What not to eat?

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Diabetes-What not to eat?

Diabetes is one of the major health problems that can happen to people of any age. It is one of the diseases that you have to live with once you had it. Eating habits are linked with the possible causes of diabetes as well. One must change the routines and maintain a healthy diet if one wants to balance a healthy lifestyle and control diabetes.

Here is a list of items you must not eat or drink if you have diabetes:

  1. White bread, rice, and pasta:

People normally consume white bread, rice, or pasta. It is a portion of everyday food that comes in different forms. Especially, people living in Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, etc. can rarely be seen without eating rice. These foods are high in carbs but low in fiber. This combination can result in a high blood sugar level. Mostly for people with type-1 and type-2 diabetes.

  • Trans fats:

Trans fats are very unhealthy. It does not raise blood sugar levels directly but it is linked with increased inflammation, belly fats and work to resist insulin. It can increase lower level cholesterol and improve the ratio for heart diseases.

  • Sugar sweetened beverages:

This is the worst drink choice for anyone with diabetes. It works to increase blood sugar, builds resistance against insulin, and may increase the chance for fatty liver diseases. Overall, it is something that works as a death trap for any diabetes patient.

  • Flavored coffee:

Coffee has been linked with many health benefits, including lower the risk of diabetes. But it is a different story in terms of flavored coffee. Because they are high in carbs which significantly increase blood sugar level.

  • Fruit flavored yogurt:

Plain yogurt is risk-free and a healthy choice for a healthy diet. But it is a different story with flavored yogurt. Since they are low in fat but high in sugar, it increases blood sugar levels and raises potential health risks for a diabetes patient.

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