Become a Volunteer!


Become a Volunteer!

Why volunteering for MA

Volunteers work for the soul, not for the Goal.

Earthly benefits of volunteering:

⚫ It is a great opportunity to get connected with people.
⚫ To understand people, to learn and grow as a human being.
⚫ To develop new perspective and add them in day to day life.
⚫ To build self-esteem and confidence.
⚫ It gives motivation and sense of achievements.
⚫ Dedicated volunteers become the passionate representative of the MA family.
⚫Engaged volunteers are always appreciated to bring diverse point of view to the organization.
⚫ Explore new opportunities.


Volunteering with ManobAmerica (MA) allows an individual to grow into a responsible person. We appreciate the volunteers with certificates, appreciation letters and recommendation letters after successful completion of campaigns and programs.


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