Reoccuring of Natural disasters

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Reoccuring of Natural disasters

With climate change hanging over our heads, we are having more natural disasters every year than the normal time frame. For instance, wildfires, typhoons, and cyclones are becoming more common in the coastal areas more than ever before. It is our duty to prevent climate change from turning into the worst of its form instead of having to sit tights for disasters to cause on day to day basis and losing lives.

With climate change, what we know is that the ice is melting and the sea levels are rising. What we are not aware of is that the effects it has directly on us while it is happening.

Here are top five things we need to know why climate change is dangerous for us:

  1. Climate change is a threat to all the lives in the world. That includes marine life, plant lives, and of course human life.
  2. Every time we are hit by floods of any form, there is a greater chance that our water drain system might get overflowed and we will lose electricity and communication for days. It will jeopardize the lives of millions of people. Not to mention our health and economic situation will worsen.
  3. Hurricanes might happen more often. To name a few, we all remember hurricane Laura and how it devasted the lives of half a million people. On record, the hurricane caused 77 fatalities. It also damaged over $19 billion (2020 USD).
  4. Wildfires are getting worse every year. In the last year, the California wildfire showed us how much harm it can do. According to experts, wildfires are a threat that we can not ignore and a much bigger threat is that they can lead to droughts. Which will eventually be the worst news for all of us because it involves food safety to economical progress in a negative way.
  5. Lastly, in recent times we have seen back-to-back storms with national health security risk level dangers. It caused lives and damaged properties of a great number of people. These are the signs of climate change problems.

In conclusion, climate change is a problem that is need to solved as soon as possible. It will cause more harm if we do not get aware of it. The sooner we come together the better our future holds.

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