A year since COVID-19…

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A year since COVID-19…

One year has passed since WHO declared covid-19 as a pandemic. Much has changed since then. The way people used to interact with each other, the way we used to socially bond, Covid-19 has impacted all those places, and more. It was a year full of pain, suffering, and sorrow. We mourn for all those souls who left us. We sympathize with all those families who went through all those horrors.

Covid-19 has left its mark in history. It will always be remembered for its unforgettable events. Most businesses were shut down; most offices were closed. People lost their daily jobs, and they had no other places to turn to. It was a dark time, and it still is as of today.

We need to salute all those brave souls who continued to serve people, protect them, and worked hard each day to save them. The doctors, the nurses, the cops, the emergency rescue team, the people who supported them, and those who look after them. If they were not there, many families would not have been saved. They earned all the respect in the world.

As we all know that there was a time when we were having a food shortage. From the grocery stores to the supermarket, food was getting costlier, and several products were unavailable for days without any deadline when it will be restocked. Foodbank and the volunteers were the primes in their field to support the system to minimize the risk. It is true that in the middle of all these things, the brave souls of volunteers keep fighting and keep risking their life. Thanks to them, many emergencies were responded to much quickly and kept the fighting chance alive to save lives.

With much vaccination, the situation in everyday life is changing faster. We are progressing but we must have to go a long way to make things normal. We must wear a mask, maintain a safe distance. Visit cdc.gov for more information.

Although we are getting in a positive direction, it is a must to keep the food bank and its resources alive. With the powerful support, it will keep pushing forward and save lives. We all need to do our part so that we can get rid of Covid-19 as quickly as possible. We must join hands to save lives.

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