By hosting gatherings to learn about our work and inspiring people to engage in fundraising efforts, volunteer ambassadors continue to increase awareness of our work. This is a very valuable position because it encourages us to meet new individuals, encourage new fundraising events, and appreciate our contributors for their work.


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    Accepting applications from all over the world. Join our journey after securing your position as an Ambassador today!

    Who can apply?

    ⚫ Young Leaders
    ⚫ Business Personalities
    ⚫ Recognized Entrepreneurs
    ⚫ Policy Makers
    ⚫ Consultants
    ⚫ Founding Members of NGOs’
    ⚫ Anyone with prior leadership experience
    ⚫ Anyone from Development Sector
    ⚫ Social Media Influencers
    ⚫ Students who have strong leadership backgrounds

    What do our ambassadors do?

    ⚫ Outreach our mission & vision in their communities
    ⚫ Organize seminar, webinar & workshops
    ⚫ Organize fundraising campaigns
    ⚫ Promote our mission and campaigns on social media platforms
    ⚫ Share our success stories and encourage potential young leaders
    ⚫ Promote donation events

    What’s in it for ambassadors?

    ⚫ Global recognition
    ⚫ Chance to be featured on our official website & social media platforms
    ⚫ Certification and goodies
    ⚫ Resources to help in the events
    ⚫ Recommendation letter
    ⚫ A unique URL on our website which contains your portfolio that you can use in CV or social media
    ⚫ Be a part of our Outreach team as a paid employee


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