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Volunteer for Manob America (MA) is the platform for youth and adults to learn new skills, share knowledge and beliefs, improve, and utilize thinking perspective, and develop a new way of life.

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    Volunteering with ManobAmerica (MA) allows an individual to grow into a responsible person. We appreciate the volunteers with certificates, appreciation letters and recommendation letters after successful completion of campaigns and programs.

    Help us to fulfill our mission, we’ll help you to fulfill your responsibilities towards your community!
    Accepting applications from all over the world. Join our journey after securing your position as a Volunteer today!

    Volunteers work for the soul, not for the Goal.

    Who can apply?

    ⚫ Students from High School, College & University
    ⚫ Anyone with prior leadership experience
    ⚫ Social Media Influencers
    ⚫ Anyone who wants to start a volunteering journey
    ⚫ Have empathy towards community

    What do our volunteers do?

    ⚫ Fundraising
    ⚫ Organizing or helping at events
    ⚫ Leading or managing a group
    ⚫ Giving advice
    ⚫ Information and counseling
    ⚫ Outreach potential volunteers in their communities

    What’s in it for volunteers?

    ⚫ Global recognition
    ⚫ Chance to be featured on our official website & social media platforms
    ⚫ Certification and goodies
    ⚫ Resources to help in the events
    ⚫ Recommendation letter
    ⚫ A unique URL on our website which contains your portfolio that you can use in CV or social media
    ⚫ Be a part of our Outreach team as a paid employee


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