“Help From Heart”
“Feed for Love”


Behind The Project

Our founder, US Salehin is the main person behind the project idea for Manob America. He experienced the basic needs of human beings by interacting with people from his journey around the world.

Who We Are

We Provide Worldwide Charity Service Since 2009

Manob America is a social non-profit organization that aims to help people financially and economically. We have targeted to help the ten people per day by providing food and medicine. Our vision is to maximize it to one hundred people per day. We want to spread our goals and visions all over the nation. Our members are committed to reaching our vision.

Manob America is a non-profit organization founded in January 2014 in Mobile, Alabama, United of America.


Foods, clothes, shelter, medicine, and education are the top five basic needs that a human needs for their lifetime. Our aim is to provide basic human necessities globally. Over the past 25 years, we have been working tirelessly to prevent hunger, finding shelter for people, making them self-aware of health issues, and providing them with educational materials. We believe that if we plan to make our present better, it will automatically make our future better. Our wonderful teams have been on the front lines, working towards solutions across 3 different regions. 

We save human lives. We stand with them in their thick and thin. We provide them with a long term solution. We work to improvise their lifestyle by providing their needs. We are persistent in finding better solutions for each community. We work towards long term success.

Feed for Love…

  • Life saving impact in 3 different regions.
  • 1,000+ field staff assisting more than 1 million people.
  • 25 years of expertise of working in the field, responding to the voices and saving lives.

Our efforts have saved thousands of lives each year but due to the increase of rare diseases, conflicts, and natural disasters more people need basic needs. We are strongly committed to fight for the human needs, globally.

MA Assurance

Our main missions are feed the unfed, raising social awareness to people around us, and environmental awareness.

We all know a healthy body is needed for a healthy mind. If someone is having a hard time to buy food or medicine, it will hamper them mentally. This increases the temper of a person. It is very harmful for those who are family. Many suicides and crimes have occurred in recent years because of hunger. Our main objective is to break this chain of hunger by reaching and providing food to those who are in need. This breaks our hearts to see that people are begging for food. We want to help them from the bottom of our hearts. Therefore, our motto is, “Feed for Love.”

How can we help?

Zero Hunger

We support to eliminate hunger

Good health and well-being

We help to save lives of millions.

Quality Education

We support primary education in developing countries.

Why our work matters!

Hunger has become a particularly important global issue that must be minimized at any cost. According to data from Wikipedia, about 10.8% people worldwide suffer from hunger. This is around 821 million people go to bed on an empty stomach each night. Therefore,

  • Our experts are constantly working on solutions for each region. 

  • We know how to help people stay healthy. 

  • We have different programs that can save lives at the lowest cost possible.

  • Our experts are constantly working on solutions for each region. 

  • We know how to help people stay healthy. 

  • We have different programs that can save lives at the lowest cost possible.

According to a recent study, about 2% of the world population are homeless. This is about 150 million people worldwide. However, about 1.6 billion people are living in an inadequate space. This number is very frightening. The study also suggests that by the year 2040, 40% of the world population will suffer from sufficient housing due to natural disasters. It signifies that many people are living unhealthy lives, sharing space with lack of privacy and it arouses mental and health problems. Therefore,

  • We are working to build shelter for people in need, giving them a hope for a better future. 

  • We are providing them with hot meals and daily necessities. 

  • We are eager to build a large shelter community to help a larger audience.

Clean clothes are not available for a great audience in the world. Especially in countries that are surrounded with conflicts and disasters, lack of supply chain makes it impossible for them to wear nice garments. Poverty also plays a major role here. Unfortunately, it is a part of the global crisis that we ourselves can not solve it. Fortunately, our brave team members are coming together to,

  • Manage and supply clean cloths to the people that needs the most,

  • We are doing our best to reach a broader audience.

  • Our long-term goal is to ensure people in general can get clean clothes to live a healthier life.

There are many issues that come to the front when asked about health care. Social isolation, poverty, violence and trauma, lack of access to get help on health-related issues etc. are main reasons for health care. Self-awareness is also one of the major causes of health care problems because many people do not have proper education or knowledge for a first aid treatment. Therefore,

  • Our teams are working on the front to make people conscious about health.

  • Our doctors are giving treatments and free check ups at the lowest cost.

  • We are building up online programs on health related to issues so people can watch and learn.

Education is the one of the most important basic needs that is a must for everyone. We are living in a world where most people understand how much we need it yet, 21% of the U.S. population have fallen into the illiterate category. According to Wikipedia, around 780million in the world are illiterate. Major causes for this are poverty, parents who do not want their female child to study in a school, lack of educational supplies, lack of schools etc. We understand how important education is, therefore,

  • We are aiming to provide educational materials and help financially,

  • We are building online programs based on working opportunities,

  • We are aiming to give opportunities to children and their families to support their education.

We dedicate as much of our funding as possible to all our life saving humanitarian programs, research and developments. We spend $0.87 of every donated dollars on these activities.


Become A Volunteer

Volunteer for Manob America (MA) is the platform for youth and adults to learn new skills, share knowledge and beliefs, improve, and utilize thinking perspective, and develop a new way of life.